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Check the Appliances
January 11, 2018
How to Clean Refrigerator Coils
March 9, 2018

Tips to keep your household appliances energy efficient.

Having Energy Star certified appliances is a great way to lower your energy bills, receive discounts and rebates. To ensure that your appliances remain energy efficient, have them inspected and cleaned annually.

Here’s how you can better maintain each of your household appliances:


  • Keep the door seals (gaskets) clean and replace them as soon as possible if they break.
  • Clean condenser coils once or twice a year to keep airflow passages clear of dust and debris.
  • Keeping your fridge stocked with food will regulate the inside temperature, allowing your fridge to not work as hard.
  • Be careful not to overstock your fridge as it will block airflow, causing some items to freeze and others to thaw.


  • Keep your oven clean by wiping up any spills as soon as you can.
  • Keep the door seal clean and replace it if it is broken.
  • Cook fresh or thawed food rather than frozen so your oven won’t have to run as long.


  • Start your dishwasher only when it has a full load.
  • Keep the filters free of debris.


  • Use cold water to wash your clothes rather than warmer water
  • Wash bigger loads of laundry to reduce the number of cycles.


  • Clean lint filters every time you use the dryer.
  • Keep the inside of your dryer cabinet and exhaust vent lint free by having them professionally cleaned once a year.
  • Use the automatic drying cycle rather than timed drying.

Water Heaters:

  • Every six months, drain sediment from your tank to lengthen the lifespan and lower your utility bills.
  • Make sure your water heater temperature is set at 120°. According to the Energy Department, 120° is high enough for your needs and high enough to reduce mineral buildup.

To save money with Energy Star, it’s important to take good care of your appliances and to get them inspected regularly. To make sure your appliances are in great working condition and are saving you as much as possible, contact Sarah’s Appliance Repair to schedule your professional inspection.

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