Viking Appliance Repair Specialist

vikingViking has been a leading, high-end home appliance brand for over 40 years. Their appliances are not only functional and beautiful, they are designed to perfection, are user-friendly, and can be designed to work in every size and type of kitchen. Viking has a reputation for impeccable performance.

m6240013_proslide2However, just like any appliance, without regular maintenance and necessary repairs when issues arise, even a Viking can fall (figuratively speaking). At Sarah’s Appliance Repair, we are qualified to perform maintenance and repairs on Viking appliances and usually we can get them up and running in one visit.

If you have a Viking appliance in need of maintenance or repair, contact us today by visiting our scheduling page, or calling us at 208-534-7222. We are happy to help!



If you have a small job that you would like to do yourself, we can get you the part you need quickly