Once upon a time, dishwashers were luxuries that were only found in the finest of kitchens. Today, a kitchen doesn't look complete without one. Since the beginning of dishwashers, the dish cleaning machine has come a very long way. With the advanced technologies, we can clean dishes without rinsing them first, have large capacity trays on top and bottom, and have an internal disposal.

Dishwashers have never been an easy thing to work on because of all their moving parts and the fact water and electricity are both flowing through them, making it difficult and dangerous to work with.

Thankfully we have a team of certified technicians who have the skills and training to fix both mechanical and electrical problems on dishwashers. So make sure to give us a call before trying to "Do it Yourself".



Have a job you can do yourself? We have all the parts you need and can get them to you ASAP.