Dryer vent cleaning in Idaho Falls, Idaho

Most homes in Idaho Falls have washers and dryers for cleaning their clothes. These appliances are in constant use, sometimes daily use, without much of a break. A dryer’s only job is to heat wet cloth evenly to remove moisture and vent the heat and moisture through an exhaust port to the outside. Some of these vents can be quite long, with bends and turns, because they’re only supposed to be venting damp air. Unfortunately, air isn’t the only thing passing through your dryer vent, lint also gets through and each kink, bend, ridge and turn is capable of trapping lint and clogging the vent tube.

Why Dirty Dryer Vents are Dangerous

Dirty dryer vents are a serious danger to your family and home. Problems they can cause are:

Carbon Monoxide

Gas-powered dryers vent their exhaust with the damp air and, unfortunately, lint. If the vent becomes clogged, the carbon monoxide will back up into the home.

Fire and Property Damage

All a fire needs to ignite is oxygen, heat, and fuel. Your vents and your dryer itself can produce all three of these conditions if it overheats from a clogged ventilation tube.

As any Cub Scout knows, the easiest way to start a fire is with a little bit of dryer lint. Consequently, clogged dryer vents are the #1 cause of all household fires!
Even if your dryer or vent doesn’t catch fire or lead to carbon monoxide exposure, it can cause other problems:

  • Clothes take twice as long to dry
  • You will have to pay twice the electricity or gas to power the appliance
  • Small animals can nest in clogged vents
  • The inability to vent will double the wear and tear on your dryer, cut its lifespan in half and lead to expensive repairs.
For your home and family’s safety, give us a call to come and inspect your vent. We can get it clean and safe in no time. You will probably notice that your dryer works better and costs less to operate than it did beforehand. Call to schedule your appointment today!

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